Analytics and Marketing Insights Club

Our Mission

Open to all majors, the Cal Poly Pomona Analytics and Marketing Insights Club exists to nurture the next generation of insights analysts and consultants who generate customer insights that will shape the business world. The club was founded in 2013 with two clear goals in mind. First, we provide practical hands-on learning opportunities to equip members with the necessary knowledge and skills. Second, we provide career guidance to assist club members to get placed in prominent market research companies and in-house research/analytics functions of major corporations in the nation.

To this end, we give students exposure to the world of research, its impact within organizations and how successful management utilizes market research to make informed decisions on behalf of their companies. We purport to develop our members to be qualified, highly skilled professionals in the market research/analytics world; to give them a professional edge upon entry into the workforce that will set them apart as Cal Poly graduates with legitimate and functional experience that create value for their hiring organizations. We cultivate a powerful and influential network within our ranks, based on positive friendships and professional integration. We will also reach out to the professionals in the market research industry to network with them and forge a mutually beneficial relationship that further assists our two major objectives.

We are the future customer insights generators (consultants, analysts, and researchers) that will shape the business world.  We will affect the world for good, steer our corporations towards the cutting edge of trends that are not yet seen, and ethically guide and mentor future leaders to come. We are the Analytics and Marketing Insights Club at Cal Poly Pomona.