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Marketing on Instagram

Jeffrey Hsu, CCIDM’s Digital Marketing Group Lead, presents a workshop on marketing on Instagram: A Complete Guide to a Successful Strategy for your Business. He explains features of Instagram as a marketing tool, as well as giving tips/strategies on ways to convert your audience into buyers, complete with live tutorials as well using an example account.

Watch the video here!



Designing a Dynamic Survey with Qualtrics

Mitchell Robertson, CCIDM’s Customer Insights Analyst and AMI’s Director of Data Science, presents a workshop on how to maximize user engagement by designing a dynamic survey with Qualtrics. Qualtrics is an online survey tool for building surveys, distributing surveys, and analyzing responses. Mitchell speaks on how to access your Qualtrics account as well as some basic functions that Qualtrics offers. In addition, he demonstrates how to create a survey that is interactive, responsive, and engaging by using built-in functions in Qualtrics.

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Photo Editing Program Paint.NET

AMI Club Vice President Tony Vu presents a workshop on the basics of Paint.NET, a free photo editing program with many capabilities. The workshop goes over how layers work in the program, how to edit a photo onto another background, and more. Photo editing and graphic design are important tools in marketing, and no prior experience is needed for this workshop.

Make sure to download the free version of the program here (Windows only).



Analyzing Data in Excel

AMI Club President Joseph Lee presents a workshop on how to analyze data in Microsoft Excel. In this video, he goes over how to clean data, create visualizations, and integrate them within a dashboard. Grasp how to utilize Excel commands for data analysis and how to analyze different types of data with various functions and analytical tools within Excel.

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AMI x PHIRA LinkedIn Workshop

In this workshop, AMI collaborates with the PIHRA club to provide tips and tricks to level up your LinkedIn profile. The workshop covers the basics, such as the creation of a profile, professionalizing it, and how to utilize various features offered by LinkedIn. From profile insights to attractive connection messages, this workshop will help build your presence and make recruiters interested in you and your experiences!



Effective Presentation Skills

Jillian Munoz, AMI’s Vice President of Operations, focuses on how to create effective presentations for competitions and academic conferences with a goal of supporting students who were planning to compete in a data science competition. She will cover topics from selecting your template to how to handle the Q&A session. At the time of the presentation, Jillian held a Social Media Marketing Specialist position at the Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing.

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Email Marketing Basics

Andrea Escobar Vara, CCIDM’s Customer Relationship Management Specialist, focuses on what email marketing entails and how to develop an effective email marketing campaign. The topic is not only of interest for marketing and business students, but for everyone receiving emails. You will learn about the process an email has to go through before it reaches your inbox and how best to retain and engage your email recipients.

Watch the video here!

Guest Speakers



Beyond Data & Advanced Analytics

Brian Thompson, Senior Director at Vital Findings, shares his knowledge on consumer analytics such as quant & qual, visual storytelling, and advanced analytics. In particular, Brian also discusses why great data and insights are not enough anymore and how the industry should evolve to fit current needs.



Personal Branding on Social Media

Tacie Avedikian is an established professional within the marketing industry and currently serves as the VP of Digital Transformation at Little Bird Marketing. In this video, Tacie shares about personal branding and how doing so can set individuals apart from their competitions. Additionally, Tacie’s insights reveal how doing so can build trust with prospective clients and employees that we may work with in the future.