FRL Alumni Highlights

Clara Choi in front of CBA wearing graduation sash

Clara Choy - Spring 2020

Clara Choi graduated in Spring 2020 as an FRL major from Cal Poly Pomona. She accepted an offer as a FP&A Systems Analyst at ServiceNow. During her time at CPP, she was involved in several organizations, including Alpha Kappa Psi, Inter-Hall Council, UBSS, SMIF, and ASI.

Through these involvements, she was able to meet other individuals and learn about their passions/careers to find her own path. By working with different groups of people in and outside of the classroom environment, she learned the importance of communicating and time management.

Besides soft skills, she has been able to apply her knowledge from FRL courses that focused on excel and case studies. Her advice to current FRL students is “If there is no risk, there is no reward. Take on challenges — you may be surprised to learn what you are capable of achieving.”

Zachary Winkle in Rose Garden

Zachary Winkle - Fall 2020

Zachary Winkle graduated in Fall 2020 and immediately accepted an offer to work as a Financial Analyst for Strategic Equity Group (SEG). He found the Finance, Real Estate, and Law department and greater campus to be great facilitators of growth opportunities. They opened the doors to many undergraduate activities that he would accept while balancing a 4.0 GPA and simultaneously working three jobs.

As a Sophomore, he founded Cal Poly’s chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp), a fraternity dedicated to Building Balanced Men. He is abundantly grateful for the campus’s support in setting up an organization that would help him grow as a leader, and as an analyst (as he would go on to serve in the national organization’s Headquarters Audit Review Committee). It was the College of Business; specifically, the Finance, Real Estate, and Business Law (FRL) Department; that would define the next steps in his journey to a professional career. Zachary entered CPP’s CFAOC Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) Team led by Professor Tomkoria, where he was exposed to real-world asset management. He and his team won the CFAOC SMIF competition for the first-time in University history and went on to manage approximately $300K with the aid of the Bloomberg Lab.

As he began to narrow his focus to the valuations industry, he entered Cal Poly’s CFA Investment Research Challenge (IRC) Team, where worked with a team of top FRL students to produce a sell-side analyst report, placing 3rd in the region with highest marks in the written report. It was this activity that Zachary claims best displays the spirit of “Learn by Doing” as it prepared him for the exact responsibilities he will be assuming at SEG.

Despite the challenging job market during the pandemic, Zachary has accepted a position at SEG and is excited to enter the investment banking and valuation advisory services industry. He is also greatly appreciative to be working close to his family in his dream location of Orange County with a company that shares his values of integrity and hard work. Zachary states that he is “blessed and abundantly grateful for the support of Professors Tomkoria, Yu, and Muhtaseb.” Without them, he claims that he would not be in his current, fortunate position.

Zachary, we wish you the best in your future as a Bronco alumnus and are delighted to have been a part of your successful journey.

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