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Our Goal

The FRL Department seeks to prepare undergraduate students in finance, real estate and law and MBA students for careers in finance, real estate and contract management with up-to-date curricula and instructional methods.

In addition, the FRL Department provides all other students within the College of Business Administration and through the university with a variety of introductory and specialized courses in finance, real estate, business law and contract management.

The department is also committed to enhancing the intellectual capital of its faculty and maintaining strong links with business/government though research, writing, consulting, participation in academic and professional meetings, and other development activities.

FRL Undergraduate Program

The Finance, Real Estate and Law Department (FRL) provides a program for individuals interested in careers in finance, real estate and law or in related fields in private or public organizations. The FRL curriculum provides the student with theory and practical application through hands-on learning in the polytechnic tradition. The overarching goal is to prepare people-oriented leaders who can advance in the business world.

Students select one of the three emphasis areas that best meets their career objectives: Finance, Real Estate, or Business Law and Contract Management.

The Finance emphasis offers courses on the theory and methods of financial analysis and valuation, corporate financial management, the management of financial institutions, securities analysis, and multinational finance. The Real Estate emphasis focuses on real estate brokerage, mortgage lending, residential and commercial appraising, and real property investment/development.

The Business Law Program offers two specialties: Business Law and Contract Management.

The Business Law emphasis serves both as a highly-relevant pre-law major that enhances student knowledge and preparation for the rigors of law school graduate education, and as a significant specialized complement to general business and corporate management education and in future employment. Courses introduce, among other major topics, the American legal system and business dispute resolution, financial law, international business law, and corporate law and regulation.

The Contract Management emphasis helps to prepare students for law school and for careers as contract administrators and contract cost and price analysts. Contract management courses emphasize the study of American sales law, government contract practices, and analysis of important court decisions.

The department offers four minors: finance, real estate, business law, and financial management of public and private contracts to non-FRL students.

The minor in real estate is formulated to prepare students for the education requirement of the real estate salesperson and broker’s examinations .

The minor in business law encompasses the study of the legal environment of business.

The minor in financial management of public and private contracts provides sufficient skills and understanding of the principles to enable students to successfully manage commercial contracts, apply contract cost/price techniques, and undertake contract negotiations.

Please contact the department chair in Building 164, Room 2050, (909) 869-2350, or an FRL faculty advisor if you wish to explore any of the course offerings.

Link to current year of FRL Curriculum Sheet (PDF)

Area of concentration and career opportunities

The curriculum of the Finance, Real Estate, and Law Department offers varied academic and career opportunities. Fliers are available for curricula in the following areas:

General Finance

Gives the student broad exposure to all areas of finance, providing the breadth and depth to pursue a concentration in finance education at the MBA level.

Security Analyst

The securities concentration provides knowledge and background for students interested in a career in securities. Completion of the program facilitates licensing or certification as security broker, commodity broker, certified financial planner (CFP) and/or chartered financial analyst (CFA).

Corporate Analyst

Study of methods used in the allocation and management of internal and external corporation funds. A corporation analyst determines which assets to acquire, retain and sell, as well as the funds needed from outside sources.

Financial Institutions

Study of financial institutions including banks, savings and loan associations, and pension funds including their operations and management.

Multinational Finance

This concentration provides a conceptual framework to analyze the financial decisions of multinational firms, bringing the functions of financial management into an international context. This program is designed for students aspiring to financial careers in large corporations, international trading companies, or financial institutions.

Real Estate Brokerage and Development

Studies the residential, industrial and commercial real estate market, and investigates the financial, investment and legal environment.

Real Estate Finance

Students interested in becoming loan officers or mortgage bankers gain an understanding of the real estate lending institutions and the mortgage markets. Investment opportunities in various types of real estate are also investigated.

Business Law

Study of the legal environment of business operations and decision-making. Completion of this program enhances managerial ability to assess legal risks and rights in a variety of contexts encountered in business organizations, commercial transactions, real estate, securities, personnel, marketing and international arenas.

Contract Management

This concentration provides a background in public and private contracts including the federal acquisitions regulations and the Uniform Commercial Code. Students learn contract administration, formulation and negotiation.