Graduate Business Programs

Average Graduate Program Cost

Information on graduate student fees is pulled from Cal Pomona's Student Accounting website. For more information about student fees, please navigate here.

The following anticipated program costs are for two years based on full-time status:

Anticipated Full-Time Cost for C.A. Residents Anticipated Full-Time Cost for Non-residents
MBA 2-year program
MSA General 2-year program
MSIS 2-year program

The below fee schedule is for Cal Poly Pomona's MBA, MSA General 2-year program, and MSIS program only. 

Fee information for Cal Poly Pomona's MSBA program can be located here

Fee information for Cal Poly Pomona's MSA Accelerated 1-year program can be located here.


Graduate Units 6.0 & below
6.1 & above
Tuition Fee
Auxiliary Fees ($848.11)
Medical Facility
ASI Facilities and Operations Fee
Student Health Fee
Student Success Fee
Total Registration and Tuition Fees


Important Notices & Additional Fees:

All courses with the course number 6990 are Masters Degree Continuation courses, designed to avoid a break in residence. These courses are 0 unit courses, but represent 1 unit of progress and are billed as such.

Professional Program Fee - $270 per unit.

The Professional Program Fee is paid on a per-unit basis at a rate of $270 in addition to the Tuition Fee and campus fees for the following graduate programs:

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) 
  • Master of Science (M.S.) programs in Accountancy (General 2-year MSA program) 
  • Master of Science (M.S.) programs in Information Security (MSIS)

For further information regarding the Professional Program Fee, please refer to the Executive Order 1054 (PDF)

Non-Resident Tuition Fee - $396 per unit.

In addition to the Tuition Fees and Mandatory Fees listed above, Non-residents must also pay $396 per unit for out-of-state tuition (No NRT Annual Cap). Non-resident tuition fee is required for students who are not California residents for one year prior to the resident determination date.