Center for Geographic Information Science Research (CGISR)


The Center for Geographic Information Science Research (CGISR) is the hub for spatial and geospatial scholarly and creative activities at Cal Poly Pomona. CGISR facilitates and supports collaborative and interdisciplinary GIScience education, research, and policy endeavors. CGISR facilities support the study of the most pressing societal issues, including environmental and socio-economic phenomena, by offering solutions in Geographic Information Science (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning (ML) with spatial analysis and visualization, and cartography. The Center is housed in the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences, at Cal Poly Pomona.


Our mission is to support students, staff and faculty as they develop novel, polytechnic, and evidence-based GIS and geospatial strategies that enhance knowledge and benefit society.


CGISR will strengthen and expand GIScience education at Cal Poly Pomona and partner institutions by advancing student experiential learning with real-world GIS applications and research.

We will leverage Cal Poly Pomona’s polytechnic advantage to build interdisciplinary GIS education and research on campus and to our community.

CGISR collaborates with departments and colleges at Cal Poly Pomona to promote compelling geospatial research on campus, develop grant-funded opportunities, and showcase career pathways in GIS. We also support professional networking with local communities & organizations, government partners, public agencies, and private industries and organizations.