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Single Sign On Enabled for ArcGIS Online

Single Sign On (SSO) has been enabled for CPP ArcGIS Online organizational accounts! Things just got easier!

GIS Day at Cal Poly Pomona

GIS Day was a great success! Read about event highlights or watch videos to see it again!

CPP Explores AI for Social Good

Geography Assistant Professor Gabriel Granco talks about AI for Social Good. Granco is one of the four CSU faculty who developed the three-year CSU education project funded by the National Science Foundation.

New Study Examines How Interplay of Factors Affect COVID-19 Vaccine Rates

Carsten Lange, professor of economics and an expert in data science, was a coauthor of the project which used machine learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Explanations (AIX) to quantify each factor contributing to the level of vaccination hesitancy.

Geography Professor Awarded Grant to Research Specialty Crops

Geography Professor Gabriel Granco was awarded the Agricultural Research Institute  (ARI) Grant for nearly $10,000.

Econ Professor Creates COVID-19 Database

Watching news reports about COVID-19, Economics Professor Carsten Lange noticed that many of the state and local briefings focused on daily COVID-19 statistics such as positive test results and the number of deaths. In his experience as a data scientist, time series data provides a better understanding.

Dr. Granco receives strategic interdisciplinary research grant 2020

The SIRG will support their project entitled "Cross-Scale Estimation of Agricultural Suitability of Specialty Crops in California using UAV and Satellite Remote Sensing Observations".

Economics Professor Develops Web Tool for Homebuyers

Prospective buyers generally are far more practical than romantic, Lange says, basing their decisions on the quality of neighborhood schools, the distance to shopping centers, the number of bedrooms and other quality-of-life factors.