Undergraduate Programs

Geography Major with GIS option

The Geography degree program is designed to provide an understanding of humankind’s environments by examining the dynamic, natural, and human systems through which these diverse settings are changed or sustained. Students majoring or minoring in Geography are guided to study the regions of the world from a spatial perspective.

The Geographic Information Systems Option emphasizes the acquisition of technical skills such as air photo interpretation, computer cartography, and geographic information systems.


Name Phone Email
Conway-Gomez, Dr. Kristen (909) 869-3208
Granco, Dr. Gabriel (909) 869-3576
Huh, Dr. Kelly (909) 869-3591
Wu, Dr. Lin (909) 869-3578

Interdisciplinary GIS Minor, a University Interdisciplinary Program

The interdisciplinary GIS Minor was created for Cal Poly Pomona students whose majors include engineering, business, design, science, urban planning, education, agriculture, social sciences, and humanities in an effort to create a GIS-literate campus. The minor serves students who are interested in the application of GIS to their area of knowledge, or who seek to develop their skills in GIS-related areas. GIS technology offers new and powerful ways of combining data, mapping and spatial analysis to support research, management and policy-making. GIS users are trained in spatial modeling and know how to manipulate digital data, create databases, and streamline applications.

GIS Minor Coordinator:

Name Email Phone
Huh, Dr. Kelly (909) 869-3591