Music Board

The Cal Poly Pomona Music Board exists to assist the music department by obtaining and managing IRA funds for IRA eligible classes in the music department.

The music board intends to assist the music department in fulfilling its mission statement:

The mission of the music department is to encourage all students to realize their highest musical, academic, and professional potential. We prepare individuals for a variety of careers in music, including teaching, business, and performance. We provide general education courses for the general student population and we provide courses in support of teacher education. The faculty of the music department believes that the presence of music in a person’s life is rewarding, fulfilling, and necessary for a balanced life. We also believe that we have a responsibility to fairly present a balanced view of the musical contributions of both genders and the various nationalities and ethnicities of the state’s population.

For information contact Dr. David Kopplin.

To access documents and information view Music Board documents.