Faculty & Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Peter Yates

Department Chair, Guitar, Guitar Ensemble

Susan Ali

Voice Seminar, Voice Class, Music Theatre Workshop

Rickey Badua

Beginning & Instrumental Conducting, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band

David Kopplin

Commercial Music, Composition, Jazz Band

Janine Riveire

Music Education, Orchestra

Isaac Schankler

Music Industry Studies, New Music Ensemble

Nadia Shpachenko

Piano Studies, Piano Ensemble

Niké St. Clair

Choirs, Choral Conducting, Musicianship

Jessie Vallejo

Ethnomusicology, Mariachi

Evan Ware

Theory, Composition

Arthur Winer

Audio Technology, Music Industry Studies, Songwriter Showcase


Rebecca Kyles

Administrative Support Coordinator

Kevin Garnica

Coach, Accompanist, Music Director

Michael Jung

Asst. Accompanist

Teresa Kelly

Communications Specialist

Will Wright-Hooks


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Part-Time Faculty

Blumberg, Kira  Viola

Canchola, Shannon  Flute

Chubb, Mark Music in Media

Elefante, Baba  Electric Bass

Fenderson, Lisa  Musicianship, Theory, Piano

Fennell, Mitch  Conducting, Symphonic Winds

Goodenkauf, Laura  Horn

Grasmick, David  Trumpet

Graulty, Philip  Guitar, Music Fundamentals

Gravelle, Buzz (Darren)  Theory, Guitar

Harms, Janet  Fundamentals

Jung, Michael  Piano Studies

Katz, Greg  Artist Rep and Promotion

Katznelson, Marci  MIS, Protools, Music funadamentals

Lacoste, Steve  Form & Analysis, Theory

Lee-Song, Christine  Strings

Limon, Maurice  Seconday Instrumental Methods

Long, Daniel  Recording and Mastering

Luer, Tom  Jazz Band, Woodwinds, Improv, Sax

Maldonado, Ana Maria  Fundamentals, Cello

Martinez, David  Intro to Music Tech

May, William  Bassoon

Midthun, Sonja  Songwriting I & II

Miley, Jeff  Jazz Guitar, Jazz Combo

Nagle, Lynne  Voice

Pitts, Laura  Musicianship

Proulx, John  Soul Music, Vocal Jazz

Pylko, Wendy  Voice

Schlitt, Bill  Percussion

Shiotsuki, Ryan  Western Classical Traditions

Silva, Linda  Clarinet

Snyder, Vernon  Piano Studies, Fundamentals

Stuntz, Lori  Trombone, Brass Ensemble

Taylor, Joel  Drumset

Teegarden, Robert  Publishing, Copyright & Licensing

Van Houten, John  Tuba, Euphonium

Vuk, Kendra  Voice/commercial

Wallin-Huff, Sarah  History of Music Tech

Zonshine, Michael  Trumpet