Open University

Open University

Diverse group of students

Take a university class without being admitted

Open University allows anyone that is not a currently admitted student to take a course. You can take a course …

  • For your own personal development
  • To explore an academic interest
  • To fulfill a prerequisite for a future degree
  • To raise your GPA for readmission to Cal Poly Pomona

Undergraduate and graduate level classes are offered

Open University classes can be taken at both the undergraduate and graduate level with all required approvals. Students may transfer in a maximum of 24 undergraduate units and 9 graduate units to a Cal Poly Pomona degree.

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Classes are offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms

  • Registration dates vary by term, but will be listed on the term calendar.
  • The registration process must be completed every term by both new and returning students.
  • Students will be enrolled in their classes after they have paid their tuition in full or have signed up and made the first payment on a payment plan.

Important Dates

May 01 2024

Summer 2024 Account Activation Begins

May 13 2024

Summer 2024 Petition Acceptance Begins

May 29 2024

Summer 2024 Classes Begin

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