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CURRENT CAL POLY POMONA STUDENTS: Are you a current & matriculated Cal Poly Pomona student? If the answer is yes, this process does not apply to you. Contact the Bronco Advising Center to answer any of your enrollment questions.


To register for Open University, follow Step 1, then continue with Step 2. Read all the information in Step 3 and make payment. 

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Step 1: Account Activation


Students must activate their account every term of Open University attendance.

Are you a…. 

New Student: 


Returning Student (2 types):

 - Students that have previously applied, attended or worked at Cal Poly Pomona at any time in the past. A Bronco ID has already been generated for you in the past.

 - (Type 1) If you are a returning student but HAVE NOT taken classes in the last two terms (terms are spring, summer, winter, and fall) you will need to complete the Identity Verification process.  Zoom with our team to complete an identity verification. Join the queue to Zoom with our team to complete identity verification.

 - (Type 2) Returning students who HAVE taken classes within the last two terms (terms are spring, summer, winter, and fall) can self-reactivate their account in BroncoDirect. Click HERE for a step-by-step guide on how to Self-activate your Open University account. If you cannot access your BroncoDirect account because you forgot your username or password, please contact campus IT at 909-869-6776. 
- When completed continue to step two, petition submission

 Additional Identity Verification Zoom Information:

  1. You will need to first complete the Pre-Account Activation form
  2. Please turn on the camera and have a form of ID ready such as a passport, driver's license, or state ID. You will be asked to show your ID next to your face to confirm your identity. 
  3.  Students will remain in the waiting room & be admitted one by one into the main room with a staff member
  4. Join the Queue to Zoom here: 



Proceed to step 2 below

Step 2: Submit Online Petition

Petition Submission 

What is a petition?

     A petition is an online form filled out by the student that requests permission to be added to a course.  This form will be automatically routed to the professor teaching the course, and after their approval/denial it will go to the department chair for an additional tier of approval. Once both decisions are made the student will receive an email with the final decision. It's extremely important to note that an approved petition does not mean that you are enrolled in the course. A student must pay to be enrolled.


How do I find out what classes I want to take?

     Locate the class(es) you wish to take by going to


Does the course I'm taking need a prerequisite?

     Verify that the class doesn't have a prerequisite by going to the University Catalog at, search on the left-hand side to choose a college, and then continue from there. If the course does have a prerequisite, it is highly encouraged that you submit unofficial transcripts with your petition form to demonstrate you have met the prerequisites.


How do I check on the status of my petition?

You can email for status updates. Please wait at least 3 days after petition submission before asking for a status update.

*Please note that for Summer 2024, only classes offered under an Open University Session (10 wk, 1st 5 wk, 2nd 5 wk) are able to be petitioned for. Please see the image of the public class schedule.


Click HERE for the Summer 2024 Petition Submission Form

check list

Step 3: Payment Required Before Enrollment

3. Payment Required before enrollment

  • -Once you have an approved petition you may make a payment.
  • Your account will show a balance of zero since you are not enrolled in any courses yet.
  • DO NOT add the course into your shopping cart, our staff will manually enroll you after we receive payment.
Full Payment: 
     A.) Calculate how much to pay -Self Calculate your fees by using the information on this webpage; Term Tuition:
Example: COM 1100 is an undergraduate level ($340 per unit) course that is 3 units, so the cost for this would be 3 x $340 = $1,020.00
     B.) Make the Payment: Payment instructions:
     C.) Email with receipt and let us know what courses you want to add
     D.) Our staff will manually enroll you
     E.) Wait 48 hours for Canvas to appear

Payment Plan:
     A.) Fill out the payment plan form then email it to
     B.) Make First Payment -Payment instructions: 
     C.) Email with receipt
     D.) Our staff will manually enroll you
     E.) Wait 48 hours for Canvas to appear

Payment Plan Form

May 01 2024

Summer 2024 Account Activation Begins

8:00 AM

May 13 2024

Summer 2024 Petition Acceptance Begins

8:00 AM

May 29 2024

Summer 2024 Classes Begin

8:00 AM

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