Emergency Procedures


Emergencies, disasters, accidents and injuries can occur at any time and without warning. Being prepared physically as well as psychologically to handle emergencies is an individual as well as organizational responsibility.
Every Cal Poly Pomona employee should be prepared for emergencies by learning basic emergency procedures and maintaining a small personal emergency kit in their office and vehicle. Becoming familiar with this information will enhance your chances of protecting yourself and others.

No matter what the crisis, THINK before you ACT. Stay Calm and react sensibly.

At work you should:

  • Print a copy of the Emergency Procedures Pamphlet (pdf) or
  • The Emergency Procedures Poster (doc)
  • Be familiar with your building’s floor plan.
  • Know where the stairs and fire extinguishers are located.
  • Enroll in a first-aid/CPR class. 
  • Prepare your area for earthquakes by securing and anchoring equipment and furniture, including bookshelves, cabinets and computers. 
  • Contact em@cpp.edu for a current list of campus Building Marshals.


Interested in becoming an Evacuation Coordinator? 

The success of any emergency plan will depend on the thoughtful and cooperative response by all campus personnel pulling together.

Please email us at em@cpp.edu to become an Evacuation Coordinator.


Earthquake Safety Tips

When An Earthquake Strikes Poster


For further information, contact the Office of Emergency Managment at (909) 869-4022.

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