Department of Art

Mission & Values

Through teaching excellence and program quality the Department of Art continues to align itself with the University mission and vision to "cultivate success through a diverse culture of experiential learning, discovery, and innovation” with a vision to “be the model for an inclusive polytechnic university that inspires creativity and innovation, embraces local and global challenges, and transforms lives.” As part of a College of Environmental Design (ENV), we remain dedicated to making students aware of the environmental, social, and ethical issues facing us all today. We will continue to teach students about these issues through projects and topic studios as well as courses in art and design history and theory that support the University vision to inspire creativity and innovation through program excellence.

Although the mission of Cal Poly Pomona and the Department of Art has allowed the institution to grow into the recognized department it is today, the faculty has continued to refine the vision to meet the stated purpose and capabilities as defined by the institution and the Department. The Department concentrated the vision to:

  1. support faculty creativity that fosters collaboration and inspires students 

  2. mentor students from a largely underrepresented populations

  3. maintain and increase the recognition of the Department and the degrees it offers both on campus and in the CSU

Per the 2017-18 Cal Poly Pomona Catalog, the Department of Art values and is committed to:

  1. building a foundation of creativity to support self-expression and individual intellectual development while meeting career goals and curriculum structure for a competitive student body.

  2. creating an awareness of the cultural diversity reflected in the learning experience and the teaching pedagogy.

  3. fostering a global awareness that includes environmental, social, and ethical issues.

  4. promoting a sense of community beyond the immediate campus community.

  5. creating a broad base of knowledge to support creative and scholarly applications and technological developments.