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Minor: Art History

de-matteis-triumph-of-the-immaculate-anagoria.jpg From the Baroque art movement: "The Triumph of the Immaculate" by Paolo de Matteis (1710) 


Art history is an academic discipline concerned with the production, consumption, and experience of art, architecture, design, mass media, and other artifacts that manifest themselves visually or tangibly. Art historians may study any period, region, or cultural tradition. To analyze the so-called "visual culture" of every period and place, and to understand its relationship to cultural contexts and social functions, art historians may employ diverse methodologies.

Students considering pursuing a Minor in Art History will find that it enriches also study in a related major in design and the humanities. The study of visual art, architecture, and design throughout world civilizations will enhance your understanding of ancient and modern cultures.

The Art History Minor requires 18 units. To fulfill all requirements, students must take any three lower-division art history courses and one upper-division course from each of three content “groups” for a total of 3 upper-division courses.

Art History Minor Contacts
Alison Pearlman, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Art

Karlyn Griffith, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Art

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Minor Required : Select three courses (9 units)

Catalog Number Course Name Units
AH 2301 World Art: Prehistory through Medieval Europe  3
AH 2302 World Art: Renaissance through Modern Europe and U.S. 3
AH 2303  World Art: Asia Prehistory to 12th Century  3
AH 2305 World Art: Oceania and Native America 3


Minor Electives : Select one course from each group (9 units)


Catalog Number Course Name Units
VCD 3311 Art of Ancient Egypt and the Near East 3
VCD 3313 Art of the Classical World 3
VCD 3315 Art of the Middle Ages 3
VCD 3317 Art of the Italian Renaissance 3
VCD 3319 Art in the Age of the Baroque 3


Catalog Number Course Name Units
AH 3331 Art of the United States 3
AH 3333 History of Design 3
AH 3335 Modernism in Visual Art 3
AH 3337 Contemporary Art 3


Catalog Number Course Name Units
AH 3341 Art and Architecture of India 3
AH 3343 Arts of Korea 3
AH 3345 Arts of Japan 3
AH 3351 Arts of Mexico, Central and South America 3


NOTE:   AH 4610 Senior Seminar may be taken to satisfy Group A, B, or C for the Art History Minor.