Jamie C Snyder

Jamie C Snyder

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science

Letters of Recommendation Policy

Letters of recommendation are a very important component of an application. I do not take this responsibility lightly. It is important that your recommender knows you and can give a POSITIVE evaluation of your abilities.

The following items are my requirements in order to write a letter of recommendation:

  1. The letter must be confidential (I will either email or upload the letter; you must waive your right to view the letter)
  2. I will only provide a letter for a specific program (I don't write an "open" letter that you can use to apply to several different jobs); I will write a letter for your application to several Medical, PA, Dental, CLS, etc programs
  3. I will not provide a copy of the letter to you (This is for your own good! Many programs will not accept letters if they aren’t confidential)
  4. You must have taken at least two courses from me and earned a "B" or higher and the most recent course must be no more than two years ago
  5. Please provide me your CV and your statement of interest (these don't need to be in a final draft, but it will help provide me with the context of your application)
  6. Please provide all the different programs you're applying to (name of the program, location of the program and the date that the letter needs to be submitted); this is particularly important for MS/PhD programs that don’t have a centralized system for applications
  7. I need all the above information at least 3 weeks prior to the submission deadline