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One Team

One Team - Awardees

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2021 One Team Winners

Congratulations! Caminos Team!

  • Terri Gomez, Office of Student Success (PI)
  • Cecilia Santiago-Gonzales, OSS (CO-PI)
  • Cynthia Avina, OSS (Project CAMINOS Coordinator)
  • Karina Gigliotti, OSS/Budget and Research
  • Dalia Huerta, OSS/Staff Support
  • Anne Cawley, Math (component co-lead; Early Start Faculty Coordinator) College of Science
  • Jessica Perez, Engineering (component co-lead) College of Science
  • Xiomara Melendez, OSS (component lead)
  • Edward Nava, CAMINOS outreach and access coordinator
  • Dora Lee, Student Success/Academic Support (component lead)
  • Jacqueline Naranjo, Early Start Coordinator/OSS
  • Jesus Navarro, Bronco Scholars Coordinator/OSS
  • Erin De Rosa, University Advising/OSS
  • Zoe Lance, Communication support/BillyChat/ BAC
  • Marivel Soria, Early Alert Interventions/OSS




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