Student Health and Wellness Services

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Laboratory services are available by appointment during regular hours of operation. Most lab tests performed in-house are free of charge (see below); tests which need to be sent to an outside lab are billed at a discounted cost, and payment is expected when they are ordered.

Health Services laboratory is fully accredited through the Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation (COLA). COLA is a physician-directed organization whose purpose is to promote excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care through a program of voluntary education, consultation, and accreditation.

Health Services is constantly striving to lower laboratory test costs wherever possible.

Inside lab at Student Health and Wellness Services

No-Cost Lab Tests (must be ordered by SHS provider during visit)

Lab Test Explanation Approximate Processing Time
CDC w/AutoDiff Complete blood count 20-30 minutes
Chlamydia   7 -9 working days
Glucose, Whole Blood Detects sugar level in blood 15-30 minutes
Influenza A/B Checks for 2 strains of the seasonal flu 45-60 minutes
KOH Skin scraping to test for yeast and fungi 45-60 minutes
Manual Differential Examines cells in the blood 30-45 minutes
Microscopic Exam-Direct   20-30 minutes
Microscopic Urinalysis   20-30 minutes
Mono Test Tests for Mononucleosis 20-30 minutes
N.gonorrhoeae   5 working days
Nasal Smear for Eosinophils Test for allergy 30-45 minutes
Occult Blood 1, 2 or 3 Test for blood in the stool 20-30 minutes
Pinworm Exam   20-30 minutes
Pregnancy Test Examines urine 10-15 minutes
Rapid Strep Determines strep throat 20-30 minutes
RPR Test for syphilis Once per week on Friday
Sedimentation Rate, Manual Test for inflammation 1 hour
Stool for Polys Test for white blood cell count 20-30 minutes
Strep Screen   24 hours
Urinalysis Culture & Colony Count   24 to 48 hours
Urinalysis Screen   15-20 minutes
Wet Mount Test for yeast, trichomonas, fungi and clue cells 15-20 minutes