Student Health and Wellness Services

My Health Portal


Your Secure Online Health Portal

We use a secure, online portal to your health record entitled "My Health Portal." This new web portal allows you, as a patient to:

  • Make limited medical appointments online and to cancel any scheduled appointment [NOTE: currently, only limited types of appointments can be made over the web up to 16 hours in advance, or flu shot appointments when vaccine is available]
  • Update your personal information including your phone number, local address, and emergency contact information with Health Services
  • Send questions about Medical issues, Health Education concerns, Medical Records or Receptionist, or General processing issues regarding your medical services
  • Respond back to Health Services staff who have replied to your initial secure message
  • Receive secure messages pertaining to your lab results
  • Fill out and submit health history forms and other confidential documents

    We will update this information as we add additional services. If, after reading the questions below, you still have a question not answered, please send us an email.

My Health Portal FAQ

You are absolutely right. And because of that, this system will encrypt your information and send it securely without Google or any other search engine being able to decipher it. Rest assured, we are adhering to the highest quality standards of security available.

While we realize you may only be asking a question through the secure message system, please know that any and all correspondence will become part of your permanent medical record and will become part of this new system. We are required to maintain a health history form and consent to treat on all patients, so once you use this system, you become an active patient, thus making the forms a necessity.

For certain types of appointments that we make available in the future, there may be additional questionnaires needed for your visit type. As we add to this system, you will see more options become available.

Although your My Health Portal will not allow you to go back into the form, once you submitted it, you may call our Receptionist (909-869-4000) or send a secure message to Medical Records requesting that they reset your Health History form to allow you to go back in the system to complete it.

Currently, the Secure Message feature only allows you to select a particular team of staff members. Your request or question will go to a group of staff, but only one specific person will respond back to you. But any clinician can send you a secure message directly and you can reply directly to them.

All responses will be sent to your CPP email address, with just a generic "Important Message from Student Health" in the subject line.

The body of the email will look like this:

"You have a new message from your Student Health Services. To access your messages, please go to the Student Health Services website, @, log-in to My Bronco Health Manager, and your Inbox for messages.

(Please do not reply to this message)"

Go to your My Health Portal, log in, and then click on "Messages" on the green menu bar. You will see an Inbox of any messages.

Our online appointment scheduling system is configured to only show a range of available appointments up to 16 hours in advance. Go to My Health Portal and select "Make an appointment." If you wish to schedule a future appointment beyond 16 hours in advance, you will need to call 909-869-4000.

Yes, you'll be able to view all appointments scheduled for you, including those you made online or through the phone.

Yes, once you book an appointment it will appear in your online account as a “currently scheduled appointment.” Below each appointment will appear a hyperlink of the text “cancel appointment” – click on that link to cancel your appointment. Non web-booked appointments will also show up in your online account so you can cancel them online even if they weren’t made online.