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LTD Projects Hatchery with Reggie the Dinosaur

Projects Hatchery

The Projects Hatchery is here to ensure that you have a Signature Polytechnic Experience, no matter your background or major. In the Hatchery you will turn a meaningful and innovative idea into a fully realized project. Our team will guide you through every phase of development, from conception to implementation to completion.

Team Spotlight
Dos Palmas

Meet Team Dos Palmas! They are investigating fault-groundwater interaction within the Dos Palmas Preserve to understand why water levels at the San Andreas Oasis are declining.

This team does their field work at the Dos Palmas preserve in Mecca, CA. One of the things they do is work with a resistivity unit that allows them to survey the material composition below ground. Utilizing radio waves, electrodes, and computer systems, they are able to test the conductivity of subsurface material and determine the causes of declining groundwater reserves in the Dos Palmas area.

Team member Nathan Pulver notes that “the Dos Palmas preserve is shrinking and previous recharge ponds have helped nearby oases, but not affected Dos Palmas. The hypothesis is there is faulting that blocks the flow of ground water, so we are trying to locate if it is there; and if it is not, what is going on."

We look forward to updates from this team on their project!

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