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LTD Projects Hatchery with Reggie the Dinosaur

Projects Hatchery

The Projects Hatchery is here to ensure that you have a Signature Polytechnic Experience, no matter your background or major. In the Hatchery you will turn a meaningful and innovative idea into a fully realized project. Our team will guide you through every phase of development, from conception to implementation to completion.

Team Spotlight

Meet Team BLADE! The BLADE (Balloon Launch Assessment Directive for Everyone) project hopes to contribute to the amateur and university high-altitude balloon (HAB) community by researching, establishing, and documenting how to best incorporate the industry's best practices in to an efficient and replicable platform for balloon based research.

Team BLADE was featured in the CPP Magazine! Read the story and learn about how they started this project to develop an educational program to boost hands-on experiences, primarily for incoming students in STEM.

“Projects Hatchery was great because of the community environment,” said team member, Michael Pham. “In an engineering bubble, we would all go to the same solution to a problem, and sometimes none of them work. When you have students from different backgrounds, they can provide different solutions that we would not have been able to think of.”

Team Members: Cailin Kuchenbecker, Guillermo Marquez, Mitchell Pickering
Mentor: Jae Min Jung

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