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The Projects Hatchery is here to ensure that you have a Signature Polytechnic Experience, no matter your background or major. In the Hatchery you will turn a meaningful and innovative idea into a fully realized project. Our team will guide you through every phase of development, from conception to implementation to completion.



Meet Team Pomona Youths! The purpose of their study is to see whether meditation improves continuation high school students’ educational and behavioral outcome.

Team member Monserrat, on the right of the photo, states, “Our research team worked with Just Us 4 Youth, a non-profit organization, to explore the effect of positive psychology and mindful meditation interventions on continuation high school students. For one whole semester, two of our members met with a group of students once a week and facilitated these interventions. Due to reasons out of our control, our study’s sample significantly dropped, which limited our data. We still hope to use this as a pilot study for future research.”

We look forward to updates from this team on their project!
“Our team of three mechanical engineers strive to show people that electric vehicles can be fun and exciting while not only being more efficient, but are able to compete head to head with their combustion counterparts.”

The Super eMoto team is developing an electric conversion kit for combustion dirt bikes. They want to bring older motorcycles into the 21st century, whether it is an old frame with a blown motor or you just want something with more acceleration. By developing a battery and motor architecture that is easy to mount to an existing frame, Super eMoto aims to make electric battery and motor technology more accessible to people who might not have been able to afford or design something themselves. They have researched, tested, and designed an electric platform that will be safe to use, easy to understand, and fun to ride.

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