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Projects Hatchery

Projects Hatchery

The Projects Hatchery is here to ensure that you have a Signature Polytechnic Experience, no matter your background or major. In the Hatchery you will turn a meaningful and innovative idea into a fully realized project. Our team will guide you through every phase of development, from conception to implementation to completion.

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Open Lab

Team Spotlight
Open Lab

Meet Open LabThey are a team that recently completed their project!OpenLab is a platform in Virtual Reality (VR) where students can learn biology and chemistry laboratory techniques while having an immersive and interactive experience. Through a headset, students interact with virtual pipettes, test tubes, and expensive or dangerous machines, all in a safe environment.

Team Members: Pierlorenzo PeruzzoMentor: Dr. Juanita Jellyman

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November Hatchery Meeting

November 3, 2023

1:00 - 3:00 pm


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