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Current Honorees



Blair, James J.A. (Faculty, Geography & Anthropology).
Salvaging Empire: Sovereignty, Natural Resources, and Environmental Science in the South Atlantic. Cornell University Press. 2023. 

Bryant, Tom (Faculty, Theatre & New Dance).
The Dramaturgy of History. Routledge. 2024.

Collins, Armondo (Faculty, English & Modern Languages).
The Black God Trope and Rhetorical Resistance: A Tradition of Race and Religion. Lexington Books. 2023.

Corley, Liam (Faculty, English & Modern Languages).
Changelings: Insurgence. Milspeak Books. 2023.
Unwound: Poems from Enduring Wars. Middle West Press. 2023.

Engle, Margarita (Alum, Plant Science).
Wings in the Wild. Atheneum Books for Young Readers. 2023.

Henry, Randal (Alum, Political Science).
Black Firsts in Los Angeles: Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Achievements by Black Angelenos. Community Intelligence, LLC. 2024.

Hoikkala, Päivi (Faculty, History) & Wallis, Eileen V. (Faculty, History).
Chronicling California: A Primary Source Reader (Second Edition). Cognella Academic Publishing. 2023.

Liang, Michael T.C. (Faculty, Exercise Science).
Foundations and Applications of Exercise Science. Kendall Hunt Publishing. 2023.

Lopez, Amber (Alum & Student, English & Modern Languages).
Around the Sun. Kindle Direct Publishing. 2024.

Ozment, Kate (Faculty, English & Modern Languages).
The Hroswitha Club and the Impact of Women Book Collectors. Cambridge University Press. 2023.

Rois, Robert (Faculty, English & Modern Languages).
The Medieval Oral Epic: Studies in Applied Structural, Generative, and Fundamental Anthropology. Generis Publishing. 2023.

Roy, Jeff (Faculty, Liberal Studies).
Badhai: Hijra-Khwaja Sira-Trans Performance across Borders in South Asia. Bloomsbury Publishing. 2022.

Scott-Coe, Jo (Alum, English Rhetoric & Composition).
Unheard Witness: The Life and Death of Kathy Leissner Whitman. University of Texas Press. 2023.

Turcotte, Jason (Faculty, Communication).
Comedy, Cameos, and Campaign Communication: Leveraging Entertainment Media to Win Elections and Advance Policy. Routledge. 2023. 

Vásquez-Guevara, Denisse (Faculty, Communication).
Science Communication and Public Engagement: Evolving Toward Science-Society Participation. Lexington Books. 2023.

Wachs, Faye L. (Faculty, Sociology).
Metamorphosis: Who We Become After Facial Paralysis. Rutgers University Press. 2023.

Wallis, Eileen V. (Faculty, History)
California and the Politics of Disability, 1850-1970. Palgrave Macmillan. 2023.

Honorable Mentions

Caballero, Sarah (Alum, Food Science & Technology), Cuevas-Bernardino, Juan Carlos, Gabriel Davidov-Pardo (Faculty, Nutrition & Food Science).
For Chapter "Characterization Methods" in Bioactive Delivery Systems for Lipophilic Nutraceuticals: Formulation, Fabrication, and Application. Royal Society of Chemistry. 2023.

Hom, Laureen D. (Faculty, Political Science).
For Chapter “Displacing Los Angeles Chinatown: Racialization and Development in an Asian American Space” in Gentrification, Displacement, and Alternative Futures. Routledge. 2022.

Kwok, Linchi (Faculty, Collins College of Hospitality Management).
For Chapter “Content Marketing: Definition, Cases, and Helpful Tactics” in Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies for Tourism & Hospitality Organizations. Goodfellow Publishers, Ltd. 2022.