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Heat Transfer (ME 4150)

In this course, students learn about the three forms of heat transfer -- conduction, convection, and radiation.

This version of the lecture series has better audio and video quality, and includes additional topics that were not in the 2015 version. The first two-thirds of the lecture was recorded in 2020, and the remaining third was recorded in 2022.

Syllabus for Spring 2020  |  Syllabus for Spring 2022

Playlist of all videos in the lecture series

Lecture 01 -  Introduction to heat transfer, conduction, convection, and radiation
Lecture 02 - Introductory examples, energy balance on a control volume and control surface

Lecture 03 - Energy balance problems, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity

Lecture 04 - Heat diffusion equation, boundary conditions, property tables

Lecture 05 - Heat diffusion examples, 1D conduction in a plane wall

Lecture 06 - 1D conduction in a cylindrical wall, composite wall network model

Lecture 07 - Overall heat transfer coefficient, composite geometries examples

Lecture 08 - Extended surfaces (fins), fin efficiencies

Lecture 09 - Finned surfaces, fin examples

Lecture 10 - 2D conduction analysis, heat flux plots

Lecture 11 - 2D conduction shape factors, shape factor examples, finite difference analysis

Lecture 12 - Finite difference examples

Lecture 13 - Transient heat conduction, lumped heat capacity model and examples

Lecture 14 - Transient heat conduction, approx. solution model (spatial effects) and examples

Lecture 15 - Introduction to radiation heat transfer, blackbodies, blackbody examples

Lecture 16 - Radiation heat transfer surface properties (reflectivity, transmissivity, etc.)

Lecture 17 - Radiation heat transfer surface properties examples

Lecture 18 - View factors, simple view factor examples

Lecture 19 - 2D and 3D view factors, 2D and 3D view factor examples

Lecture 20 - Surface and space resistances, radiation network models and examples

Lecture 21 - Radiation network examples

Lecture 22 - Radiation heat shields and examples, hypothetical surfaces and examples

Lecture 23 - Convection heat transfer over external surfaces, flat plate analysis

Lecture 24 - Flat plate convection heat transfer coefficients

Lecture 25 - Flat plate convection heat transfer examples, Flows over cylinders

Lecture 26 - Heat transfer in flows over cylinders examples

Lecture 27 - Heat transfer in internal flows in tubes

Lecture 28 - Heat transfer in internal flows in tubes examples

Lecture 29 - Heat transfer in tubes examples, Overall heat transfer coefficient

Lecture 30 - Combined internal and external heat transfer in tubes

Lecture 31 - Free convection heat transfer

Lecture 32 - Free convection heat transfer over various geometries

Lecture 33 - Examples of free convection heat transfer

Lecture 34 - Combined mode heat transfer and examples

Lecture 35 - Combined mode heat transfer and examples

Lecture 36 - Heat transfer hardware examples

Lecture 37 - Real world heat transfer examples

Interview with Dr. John Biddle (recorded in 2017)