Orientation Services

Returning Students

We look forward welcoming you back to CPP as you resume your studies. Whether or not you need to complete orientation depends on how long you have been away from CPP.

If you have been away for more than three years:

  • You are required to complete your orientation enrollment requirement.
  • You are able to reserve for an Orientation Advising and Registration date in BroncoDirect. To access BroncoDirect, log in to MyCPP.

If you have been away for less than three years (you received credit for a CPP main campus class in Spring 2018 or later):

  • You have the option to participate in Orientation to be reacquainted with CPP.
    • Submit your Orientation Reservation via BroncoDirect. To access BroncoDirect, log in to MyCPP.
  • You may opt to not participate in Orientation, however, you must request an exemption.
    • If your exemption is approved, Orientation staff will assist with removing your Orientation Registration (ROS) hold, connecting you with an Academic Advisor, and obtaining your Enrollment Appointment.

Returning Student Exemption Request Form

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