Office of the President

Message about the DACA program

Dear Campus Community:

In September 2017, I sent you a message underscoring my commitment to our undocumented students, who are deeply valued members of our university. There is still a lack of clarity regarding the potential elimination of the DACA program. Understandably, students have reached out to me, other administrators, faculty, and staff to express their increasing concerns and distress over the uncertainty of the future. The ending of DACA may signify, for many, the lack of educational opportunities, the loss of work and an increased fear of deportation.

I recall a recent conversation with a student whose sister graduated from our Engineering program last June, and she and another sister are hoping to graduate with Engineering degrees this year, and her brother expects to complete his degree next year. There is concern, not only about whether they will be able to graduate, but also with the potential of the DACA program expiring, whether they will be able to become gainfully employed and continue contributing to the social, economic, and cultural well-being of our region and the country.

These stressors can take a toll on any student’s success. I want to assure the campus community that we continue to stand firm on our values as a university and in strong support of our undocumented students.

In a recent editorial, California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White shared his own personal story of coming, as a child, to America with his parents over six decades ago, and his gratitude for the higher educational opportunities he received through the community college, the CSU and UC systems. He proclaims support for a “just and equitable solution:”

“How shortsighted it would be to deprive our nation of the extraordinary possibilities inherent in these dedicated women and men!....more than 8,000 members of the CSU family…along with some 800,000 men and women around the United States…will be prevented from giving to the nation they consider home.”

Echoing Chancellor White, the California State Student Association, and Cal Poly Pomona’s Associated Students, Incorporated, I urge you to join in advocating to members of Congress to work toward a long-term solution for our undocumented students and those currently under the DACA program. Please contact our Bronco Dreamers Resource Center for updates and to learn about the multiple ways you can assist in these advocacy activities, including sending petitions, and gaining a deeper understanding of the issues from student organizations (e.g. D.E.P.I.E). There are several links on the Bronco Dreamers Resource Center site that will provide you with this critical information.

To all our undocumented Broncos: We as a university stand in solidarity with you and support your dreams for a brighter future. The Center stands ready to assist you with critical information about your legal rights, campus counseling services, the Dreamers Ally Network and other important resources. Please look for a follow-up communication from Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Lea Jarnagin that will provide more details about the resources and support available to you through our Bronco Dreamers Resource Center.

We are all part of the Bronco family!

Soraya M. Coley