Office of the President

Next Steps for Interim Provost Iris Levine

Dear Colleagues,

With my announcement earlier this week of Dr. Jennifer Brown as our next Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, I wanted to write to faculty and staff to describe in greater detail the important service that Interim Provost Iris Levine will continue to provide in the next several months, especially as it relates to our reappointment, tenure and promotion (RTP) process.

Given that several dean searches are underway and the importance for the candidates to engage with the Provost/VPAA, Dr. Brown will officially begin her tenure as Provost on April 1, 2022. At that time, Dr. Levine will transition from her position as Interim Provost to the role of Special Assistant to the President. While this move will assist in the smooth transition of leadership in Academic Affairs across multiple dimensions, my primary motivation for taking this step is to assure that the RTP process moves forward without undue hindrance or delay.

As noted in campus policy 1328, the Provost plays a critical role in the RTP process by reviewing all documentation, preparing recommendations of promotions and forwarding recommendations to the President for final consideration. Subsequently, the President — or designee — makes final decisions in RTP matters. In accordance with the regular process, I have asked Dr. Levine to review all RTP evaluations and make the final decisions regarding reappointment, tenure and promotion for the duration of the current RTP cycle. Interim Provost Levine will also take this opportunity to share faculty work and contributions with Dr. Brown to ensure a meaningful transition of leadership.

Dr. Levine will also conduct the salary analysis that has taken place for the past several years to address inequities. At the time of promotion, all faculty receive a standard 9 percent salary increase. The Provost takes this opportunity to analyze compensation and remedy inequities that would not be addressed by the standard promotional increase. If faculty have questions regarding this practice, please contact your Dean or Interim AVP for Faculty Affairs, Dr. Jill Hargis.

Within the next few weeks, all faculty members currently in the RTP process will receive individual letters documenting these measures for inclusion in individual personnel files.

In addition to her oversight of RTP and faculty promotional compensation, as Special Assistant, Dr. Levine will also oversee the staff and management performance review process within the division. She will also continue to provide leadership for a number of institutionally significant initiatives underway, including work with the department chairs to assure consistency of training and access to support and resources. Furthermore, she will support the onboarding of our newly recruited Deans in four colleges and will also be involved in this year’s Commencement ceremonies.

I am grateful to Dr. Levine for the important leadership that she has provided as Interim Provost and her willingness to assist in completing critical work in the Division of Academic Affairs this academic year. Her commitment to Cal Poly Pomona and her service to this university for over 30 years is truly inspiring.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the success of our students and our institution.

Soraya M. Coley, Ph.D.