Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona

Committed to Our Safer Return

Date: 12/31/21
To: Students, Faculty, and Staff
From: Office of the President
Subject: Committed to Our Safer Return

To Our Campus Community: 

I write to you on this New Year’s Eve amid yet another wave of pandemic concerns. During this winter break, many of you have welcomed a brief respite from the daily work and schedule — as have I — while others have faced various challenges, including those related to COVID-19. Still others have continued to assure that our campus is safe and remains operational during the holiday break. I remain grateful for your contributions to assuring that Cal Poly Pomona fulfills our vital mission.   

As we move into the spring semester, our Safer Return Task Force has remained vigilant in monitoring the latest information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as our State and LA County Public Health Departments. We continue to receive strong recommendations for vaccination and booster shots — which are required as part of the updated CSU vaccination policy announced last week — along with masking. At the same time, we continue to recognize medical or religious exemptions.  

The university will be open as planned on Jan. 3, with all offices staffed in-person and departments continuing to provide services as we plan for the return of faculty and students in a couple of weeks for the start of the spring semester. Given current information, we are not adjusting the “in-person” start of spring semester, which begins on Jan. 22.  

We will continue monitoring local health conditions and will pivot as campus, CSU and county guidance and circumstances warrant. We will retain our use of temporary remote work agreements and shift, where it is appropriate and operationally feasible, to reduce density of workspaces. Determinations about unit operations and in-person or remote work expectations will be made by the divisional vice presidents in consultation with unit HEERA managers.   

The past two years have been filled with challenges and transitions. We have learned and adapted quickly to new ways of living, learning, working and teaching, and we will continue to be responsive, flexible and hopeful in the new year.   

I understand the frustrations associated with such uncertainty. Our aim is to adhere to updated guidance surrounding health and safety practices, including getting vaccinated and boosted, wearing a mask and washing your hands. We also seek to continue supporting our students’ achievement of their academic goals; our faculty’s teaching and scholarly contributions; and our staff’s development and the achievement of our operational requirements.  

Thank you for your enduring commitment to our Safer Return to Cal Poly Pomona. And as we culminate this holiday season, I hope you will join with me in celebrating our students’ latest entry in the Tournament of Roses Parade tomorrow morning. Perhaps more than ever, this special point of pride for our campus epitomizes our collective efforts to persevere and carry on the great work of this university.



Soraya M. Coley, Ph.D.



Detailed Information from our CPP Safer Return Task Force 

Staff and faculty should expect an email from their divisional vice presidents sharing expectations about any changes in work modality. Employees are encouraged to communicate with their HEERA manager regarding work schedules. 

As always, more updated information can be found on the following links: 

  • Safer Return 
    • To view a brief list of department business and office hours, including virtual services
    • Individuals who are not vaccinated are required to test weekly. In addition, voluntary testing is available, free and recommended for all employees and students. 
  • Face Coverings and Masks 
    • Wearing a face covering or mask when you are indoors and in crowded outdoor places is critical to slowing the spread. Masks can help protect you and others from spreading COVID-19. 
    • With the more highly contagious Omicron variant, LA County Public Health is recommending that students and employees wear higher grade masks, such as N95 and KN95 that offer enhanced air filtration and protection. These higher grade masks will be available in the supply hubs across campus, as well as by request and delivered to departments. 
  • Isolation Requirements
    • Earlier this week, the CDC shortened the recommended isolation period to 5 days in select circumstances. However, California Department of Public Health and LA County Public Health have not changed their current requirements for isolation and quarantine.  

    • We will continue to follow county, state and federal public health guidelines, and we must adhere to the strictest health order. Our current quarantine and isolation process has not been shortened, and you can view it on Safer Return