Consulting Center for Statistics and Applied Mathematics

Welcome to CCSAM!

The Consulting Center for Statistics and Applied Mathematics (CCSAM) is housed within the College of Science to support research and educational activities in the University community and the broader community of industries and local government.

Where Are We?

  • Location: Building 8 Room 149
  • Phone Number: 909-979-5560 (We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone. Please fill out the consulting request form and e-mail to us until we resolve the issue.)
  • Office Hours: From 1:00pm To 5:00pm (Monday through Thursday) and by appointment

Workshop: Data Analysis with JMP Statistical Discovery Software PDF (March 17, 2015)

Our Mission

  • Provide expert statistical and mathematical consulting service for the University community, including students, faculty, staff, administrators, academic departments and units;
  • Serve as a community educational hub to support the related work of other public or private agencies, organizations, and local government through coordination, outreach, and partnership development;
  • Promote the proper use of statistical and applied mathematical methodology, and increase public awareness of the use of statistics and mathematics;
  • Establish industrial partnerships that provide opportunities for research and hands-on experiences, and further University’s commitment to community service-learning and its “learn-by-doing” philosophy.

Types of Services We Provide

  • The design of experiments and sampling procedures for proposed research experiments and general studies;
  • Creation and maintenance of large databases;
  • Analyses and presentation of data;
  • Providing help with writing of methods and data analysis sections of grant proposals;
  • Consulting for the broader scientific community such as public and private agencies and organizations;
  • Periodically offering workshops/lecture series related to recent statistical/mathematical methods and software packages for the University community members as well as for the general public;
  • Creating a variety of industry-specific courses through the Department and the College of Extended University (CEU).

How Do We Charge for Our Services?

Depending on the nature of the work and the type of assistance needed, a nominal fee will be charged. Initial 1/2 hour consultation is free for everyone. Note that an initial 1/2 hour free consultation period is very important for the CCSAM staff to become familiar with client's research project. After the meeting, the Director will be able to provide an estimated cost with timeline for the clients. Based on the client's ability to pay for services, our fee will be negotiable.  +++> Consulting Request (PDF)


Would you be interested in making a donation to the Center? Please contact one of the Co-Directors.