• Principal Consultant (interested faculty members from the Department).
    • Statistics/Probability: Dr. Hoon Kim (Bayesian Inference, Hierarchical Modeling), Dr. D. Singh Gill (Multivariate Analysis, Data Analysis, Sample Surveys), Dr. Adam King (Biostatistics, Bayesian Statistics), Dr. Jungwon Chris Mun (Repeated Measurements, Nonlinear Models, Semiparametric Regression, Mixed Effect Models), Dr. Kamta Rai (Dose-Response Models, Risk Assessment, Survival Analysis), Dr. Michael Green (Stochastic Calculus, Markov Processes), Dr. Alan Krinik (Queueing Theory, Applied Probability, Random Processes), Dr. Randall Swift (Harmonizable Processes, Birth-Death Processes and Queueing Theory, Differential Equations), Mr. Frank Barro (Applied Statistics, Probability)
    • Applied Mathematics: Dr. Hubertus von Bremen (Dynamical Systems, Computational Biology, Feedback Control of Structural Systems), Dr. Arlo Caine (Mathematical Physics, Poisson Geometry, Lie Groups, and Functional Analysis), Dr. John Rock (Fractal and Wavelet Analysis), Dr. Ryan Szypowski (Applied Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs)
  • Associate Consultant (professionals selected from Cal Poly Pomona faculty)
  • Assistant Consultant (full-time advanced undergraduate and graduate students with emphasis in Statistics or Applied Mathematics, selected by the Co-Directors)

Student Assistant

  • Hired for any clerical and office work.
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