San Gabriel mountain
Geological Sciences

Jeremy Lancaster

Jeremy Lancaster on the field

Jeremy Lancaster graduated in 2000 after completing a senior thesis investigation of a landslide in Chino Hills State Park. After working several years as a geologist for CalTrans, Jeremy earned his Professional Geologist and Engineering Geologist certification from the State of California. In 2008 he took a position with California Geological Survey, where part of his current work involves performing parallel seismology/ground-motion analyses, slope stability and liquefaction calculations. Occasionally he performs fault trench reviews to determine if there are surface fault rupture hazards. Here is Jeremy's description of the field photograph shown to the left: Fault rupture study at a proposed school site in Los Angeles County. Trench exposure shows older Pleistocene age sediment (dark gray) thrust up and over younger Late Pleistocene / Early Holocene sediment (yellowish brown) on a portion of the Sierra Madre - Cucamonga fault system.

Jeremy lauds his practical experiences with the Cal Poly Pomona Geology Department. In a recent letter he writes: "My training at Cal Poly was instrumental in allowing me to attain this very prestigious position at California Geological Survey, where recently I received the State of California Superior Accomplishment Award. I attribute my success to the Geology Department and my constant interaction with a few of the professors therein". He also supports the Department's efforts to modernize its curriculum: "The new Geophysics classes, along with the Department's Geotechnology classes will be instrumental in training future engineering geologists like myself, and future geotechnical engineers from the Cal Poly Civil Engineering Department".

After working several years out of the downtown Los Angeles CDG office, Jeremy recently (2012) accepted a transfer to Sacramento. He remains busy evaluating geologic hazards associated with earthquakes, slope movements and floods. California is a safer place because of this type of work.