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Geological Sciences

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Options

A limited amount of financial support is available to those accepted into the graduate program. The Graduate Coordinator is currently working on avenues to expand and optimize these resources. Exact amounts for each student are difficult to predict from year to year, but we are very cognizant of student needs to offset the cost of instruction.

A. Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs)

Several students will be hired each year as official instructors of record for classes that include Principles of Geology Lab; Earth Time and Life Lab; Field Methods Lab; GIS Applications Lab; Earthquake Country Lecture; and Principles of Geology Lecture. These classes involve a significant time commitment in terms of course preparation, instruction and grading. Also a flexible work schedule is required because most classes meet at odd times of the day. Typical teaching salaries vary from $3000 to $4500 per course.

B. General Graduate Assistantships (GAs)

As our graduate program gains momentum, a certain percentage of faculty-generated revenue should return to the Geology Department to be earmarked for general Graduate Assistantships. Tasks include assisting faculty with research, training students in use of equipment, tutoring undergraduate students, website development, filming of lab or field activities and preparation of course materials. Students are paid at a rate of approximately $15/hour.

C. Project-Specific Graduate Research Assistantships

Several faculty members have written grant proposals that build in funding for Graduate Research Assistants to work on specific projects. Funding levels vary from year to year and some proposals are still pending, but the amount of potential student support is significant.

D. Student Loans

All matriculated graduate students at Cal Poly Pomona are eligible for student loans. There are a couple of options that offer very low interest rates. Students apply through FAFSA (see above).