College of Science

Alumni Testimonials

Kacie Wellington

Kacie Wellington - 2012 Kacie works as an exploration geologist for Alaska Earth Sciences, Inc., a company that contracts projectswith major gold and copper mining exploration firms in Alaska.

Randal Burns

Randal Burns - 2006 Randal is employed by Robinson Nevada Mining Company, a subsidiary of Quadra Limited, in Ruth, Nevada. Ruth is located in White Pine County in northeastern Nevada. The Robinson Mine produces copper with by-product gold and molybdenum.

Lauren Carey

Lauren Carey - 2009 has taken a new position modeling groundwater flow systems for Geoscience Support Services, Inc. Lauren's previous achievements include the valedictorian award from the College of Science (2009) and recipient of a Master's degree in Hydrology from University of Idaho (2011).

Jeremy Lancaster

Jeremy Lancaster - 2000 Jeremy graduated in 2000 after completing a senior thesis investigation of a landslide in Chino Hills State Park. After working several years as a geologist for CalTrans, Jeremy earned his Professional Geologist and Engineering Geologist certification from the State of California.

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