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Geological Sciences

Academic Goals and Assessment

Mission Statement

The Geological Sciences Department aspires to provide the highest quality education in Earth Science and its applications. Through hands-on learning methods, faculty-mentored research, and exposure to current technology, students shall acquire skills applicable to careers in Earth Science and related disciplines. The Department's programs emphasize understanding of Earth system processes and their interrelationships, thereby providing students a global perspective needed for problem solving, decision making, and leadership roles in a rapidly-changing world confronted with environmental challenges.


  • Knowledge - Impart broad knowledge of Earth Science and understanding of processes that drive the dynamic Earth system.
  • Skills - Develop skills applicable to successful careers or further education in Earth Science and supporting disciplines.
  • Technology - Provide hands-on learning experience with current technology used to acquire and analyze scientific data, solve problems, and present results.
  • Perspective - Enhance student awareness of local and global environmental challenges and problems facing Earth inhabitants within the context of geologic history.

Learning Objectives

Graduates from our BS degree program should be able to:

General Science

  • Implement various facets of the scientific method.
  • Effectively communicate results of scientific investigations in written and oral format.


  • Recognize common Earth materials, structures, and landforms, describe their properties, and determine their age relationships.
  • Acquire geologic data in the laboratory or field using standard observational procedures and scientific equipment.
  • Describe the interrelated processes operating in Earth's lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere over different geologic time scales.


  • Use maps, cross sections, and other imagery to analyze spatial and temporal relationships displayed by Earth features or geologic data sets.
  • Utilize quantitative reasoning, experiential judgment, and computer technology to assess data, draw conclusions, and solve problems.

Academic Program Review


Strategic Planning

Annual Reports

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