College of Science

Logan Wicks

logan wicksLogan Wicks is joining our new Master's degree program this fall (2012) after 2 years away from Cal Poly working as an environmental geoscientist with RMT, Inc. He completed a double major in Geology and Biology in 2010 in between his full-time position with RMT Inc. Prior to graduation Logan also worked on a research project with Dr. Nourse, entitled "Failure Analysis of a Rockslide on Sunset Ridge Fire Access Road, San Gabriel Mountains, California". An abstract of his related presentation Geological Society of America meeting in Portland, Oregon. Logan's final senior thesis document.

The photograph at the left shows Logan preparing to measure strike/dip of a fracture plane that facilitated failure of the Sunset Ridge landslide. We look forward to Logan joining the inaugural Geology graduate class at Cal Poly Pomona!

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