Science Educational Enhancement Services

SEES Program

Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) is a support and engagement program serving historically low socioeconomic, under-represented minority (URM) students in the College of Science. It was established in fall 1987 to increase the retention and the number of URM students graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with degrees in the sciences and mathematics. Currently, the program serves 600+ students. The program maintains a support structure comprised of various components, each of which address a barrier to success in college.

Program Services

SEES services include special faculty advisors in each department of the College, a peer mentoring program and a faculty-alumni-student mentoring program, paid fellowships for performing research with faculty, conference travel support, a science First Year Experience course for freshmen, Academic Excellence Workshops for high fail-rate classes, professional development workshops all year long, textbook loan library for lower and upper division STEM courses, Discovery camps (science, computer, robotics) for elementary schools students that benefit SEES teachers in training, a computer lab, community rooms, and socials throughout the year. Moreover, the program Director and program Coordinator serve as pillars of support, as well as problem advisors. Students constantly seek solutions to academic, professional, family, financial and emotional issues. The SEES program prides itself on being a center of resolution, among its many roles. All of these services have facilitated the success and retention of URM students within the sciences by providing multiple aspects of support under one comprehensive umbrella.