Science Educational Enhancement Services


Successful students benefit from faculty advising and mentoring

SEES members succeed because they benefit from faculty advising, mentoring and support. The SEES advising period occurs the weeks leading up to class registration and helps students better prepare for course selection and navigating the curriculum. Below, students can find the procedure by which they can get academic advising and plan out your classes well.

In Fall 2022, we are starting a new process that aligns with the university’s academic advising restructuring where each student has an assigned staff advisor in the College of Science’s advising center. You can identify your advisor by logging into CPP Connect and viewing the right hand column. In order to meet the SEES advising requirement, we ask that you complete your CPP Connect Planner for the upcoming semester. If you have never done this before, please watch the short Planner video on the CPP Connect page.

Planned Video and Log-in

Once you have completed the CPP Connect Planner please submit this Qualtrics Form below so that we are able to mark the requirement as met. Your assigned advisor may reach out to invite you to make an appointment with them through CPP Connect if there are issues with your course planning. You can also schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor through CPP Connect or join drop-ins if you need further assistance.

SEES Academic Advising & Program Form


  1. Click on the  SEES  Flow Charts below to navigate through your curriculum sheets

    flow charts

  2. Also, view the Minor’s Flow Charts (below) if you are interested in minoring.

  3. View the Projected Course listing for your department (below). They show what courses will be offered in the upcoming semesters. Some departments are not current, but the courses are probably offered in the same semesters as listed in the past.

  4. Optional: view your degree progress report on Bronco Direct

  5. Fill out your planner on CPP Connect, making sure that the courses you choose to take WILL BE OFFERED during the semester you propose to take them (using Projected Course Listings above).

  6. Make an appointment to see your advisor if you continue to be totally lost.

  7. Fill out the SEES Academic Advising & Program Form.  You’re done.


Thank you SEES members for being the most prepared students in the College of Science during registration!