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First Year Experience Forensics Courses: SCI 1100 & SCI 1110

The SCI 1100 (Fall) and SCI 1110 (Spring) courses have been an important part of the SEES community and a large reason for its success. The courses give first year SEES students the opportunity to learn about different fields of study in science through forensic science application. In addition to the different aspects of forensics we study in the class (biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, etc), the courses deal with aspects of college needed to excel. These include career development, nobel laureate science, navigating the University, leadership skills, ethics in science, stress management and many other areas.

Students have the opportunity to go on field trips, listen to presentations by science professionals and participate in outreach activities. The primary objective of SCI 1100/1110 is to build a cohort in which young scholars develop camaraderie, peer mentors, a group identity and a support system as they develop professionally. This community model has been shown to assist students with the rigors associated with higher education (Niemke and Warke, 2011). The course promotes the skills that enable students to be successful not only in college, but throughout their lives.

The courses go directly toward your degree by satisfying the GE requirement in Area E.

Blood spatter analysis