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Research Opportunities

SEES student during a summer research program

Today's employers and graduate schools believe that field & research experience are among the best forms of evidence that you are prepared to excel in your career. Those students seen as experienced and prepared are the most competitive for the best job positions and graduate schools. Therefore, SEES makes the effort to disseminate information through emails about opportunities within the program, in other campus programs, and around the country. We have a strong history of student research involvement.

Academic Year Fellowships

SEES funds many of its members in the STEM fields to perform research under a faculty mentor. We have placed students in laboratories at Cal Poly Pomona, Western University of the Health Sciences, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the City of Hope Medical Center. These fellowships are typically done during the school year and tend to be competitive. Please see the  LSAMP program, run by SEES.

Summer Research Programs

Programs at Universities around the nation begin accepting applications to their summer research opportunities and internships. These programs provide you salary, housing and cutting edge research experience in your field. The SEES Program encourages every one of its members to pursue summer positions in these fantastic programs. We send out this information each year before their deadlines and we encourage out students to apply to several.

Most deadlines are between December and March, so don't procrastinate!!!!

National Summer Internships


Programs in ALL Science & Engineering Fields

Specific Discipline Programs

Biomedical & Biotechnology research

Environmental Biology


Public Health


Computer Science



Kinesiology & Health Promotion



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