Academic Senate

Budget Committee

Duties & Responsibilities

Section 1

The Budget Committee shall be a standing committee of the Academic Senate.

  1. The Senate Budget Committee shall be responsible to the Academic Senate.
  2. The provisions in the Bylaws governing meetings, referrals, investigations, and reporting shall apply to the Budget Committee.

Section 2

Membership and Terms of Service

  1. The membership of the Senate Budget Committee shall be:
    1. One faculty member from each Academic Senate constituency (college/school), appointed by the Executive Committee.
    2. The staff representative to the Academic Senate or a staff member selected by the same process used to select the staff representative (Appendix 17, Section 6).
    3. A student representative appointed by ASI.
  2. Faculty members shall serve three year staggered terms.
  3. The chair of the committee will be appointed by the Senate Executive Committee and will serve as a representative to RMAC or its equivalent body

Section 3

Senate Budget Committee Responsibilities

  1. The Committee shall be the deliberative body of the faculty on general fund budget and resource use as they affect the University including, but not limited to, the instructional budget, the academic support budget, the student support budget, the institutional support budget, the allocation of facilities and positions, as well as the allocation of new funds and special funds such as lottery funds.
  2. The Committee shall be consulted and assist in the formulation of the policies, priorities, and guidelines by which University resources are requested and allocated.
  3. The Committee shall ensure that budget and financial reports are provided to the Academic Senate and made available to the campus community on an annual basis. The reports shall include, but are not limited to, salaries, release time, operating expenses, University Educational Trust, and lottery funds. The divisional reports shall also document all sources and uses of funds in addition to the annual increases and decreases.
  4. The Committee shall bring reports and recommendations to the Academic Senate, as do all other standing committees.
  5. The Committee chair shall make regular reports to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate and to the faculty as a whole.