Academic Senate

Executive Committee

Duties & Responsibilities

The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate shall:

  • (A) Designate the time and place of all regular meetings of the Academic Senate.
  • (B) When petitioned, as outlined in Article VII, Section 3, 4 and 5 call general meetings of the electorate and emergency meetings of the Academic Senate.
  • (C) Provide agendas for all meetings of the Academic Senate and general meetings of the electorate, and distribute one week prior to the meeting all reports, recommendations, and other such materials which will be discussed.
  • (D) Screen all problem referrals. Problem referrals which do not merit investigation or which are outside the jurisdiction of the Academic Senate shall be returned to the originator, with explanation of the judgment and advice of recourse provided by Article VII, Section 1.F. In addition, the Executive Committee shall report all rejected referrals to the Academic Senate.
  • (E) Delegate to appropriate committees all referred matters which in the judgment of the Executive Committee merit investigation and assign due dates for reports and recommendations.
  • (F) Ensure that all matters considered by the Academic Senate or its committees are within the jurisdiction of the Academic Senate.
  • (G) Ensure that reports from committees are in acceptable form and respond appropriately to the charge given the committee prior to presentation to the Academic Senate.
  • (H) Sit as an appellate committee to hear arguments from a Senate constituent who can show cause that an issue before one of the standing committees has not been adequately resolved in the recommendations it is making to the Senate.
    • Ensure that all members of the electorate are informed of matters concerning the University and the work of the Academic Senate.
    • Provide appointments to all ad hoc and standing committees.
  • (K) Ensure that an annual report of the work of the Academic Senate is prepared and distributed to all interested parties.
  • (L) Maintain the archives of the Academic Senate.
  • (M) Review all correspondence from the Academic Senate and all correspondence addressed to the Academic Senate.
  • (N) Upon notification from the Elections and Procedures Committee that only one candidate has been duly nominated for a given position either in Senate or RTP elections, declare that the individual has been elected.
  • (O) Assume their duties at the beginning of the Summer Quarter after election.