Academic Senate

April 15, 2020 Academic Senate Meeting

1. Academic Senate Agenda - April 15, 2020
2. Academic Senate Minutes - March 25, 2020
3. Information Items
  1. Chair's Report
  2. President's Report
  3. Provost's Report
  4. Vice Chair's Report
  5. CSU Academic Senate Report
  6. Budget Report
  7. CFA Report
  8. ASI Report
  9. Staff Report
  10. WSCUC Report
  11. Faculty Athletic Representative Report - Laura Chase (will be motion to postpone to May meeting)
4. Consent Agenda
  1. AP-009-190 Program Review BS Food Science and Technology – SECOND READING
  2. AP-010-190 Program Review BS Agribusiness and Food Industry Management – SECOND READING
  3. AP-011-190 Program Review BS Plant Science – SECOND READING
  4. AP-012-190 Program Review EdD Educational Leadership – SECOND READING
  5. AP-013-190 Program Review BA Liberal Studies – SECOND READING
  6. AP-014-190   Program Review BA Science, Technology, and Society – SECOND READING
5.  Academic Senate Committee Reports- Time Certain 3:45 p.m.
  1. AP-020-190 New Minor in Plant Based Food and Nutrition – SECOND READING
  2. EP-002-190 Updated Charge of General Education Committee in Academic Senate Bylaws– SECOND READING
  3. GE-015-190 PHL 3540 – The Philosophy and Science of Implicit Bias – SECOND READING
  4. FA-001-190 Review of Policy 1336, Periodic Evaluation of Temporary Faculty – SECOND READING
  5. FA-002-189 Review of Frequency of All-Level Review of RTP Packets URTPC – SECOND READING
  6. AA-005-190 Graduation Writing Test (GWT) Exemptions for Some Post Baccalaureate Students - FIRST READING
  7. AA-008-190 Credit/No Credit Policy (Policy 1601) - FIRST READING (First Reading Waiver may be requested)
6.  New Business
  1. Chair and Vice Chair Elections
    • Phyllis Nelson nominated for Chair
    • Jocelyn Pacleb nominated for Vice Chair
  2. Executive Committee Election - College of Engineering Representative
  3. 2020-2021 Executive Committee Nominations
  4. Senate Response to Student and Peer Evaluations of Teaching Discussions
  5. Resolution on Graduate Student Culminating Experience (motion needed to put on agenda)
  6. Resolution on Policy Adjustment for Students (motion needed to put on agenda)