EOP Tutorial

Welcome to EOP Tutorial, the official learning center of EOP. 

We’re an academic community of learners and peer-educators dedicated to your success. We advocate for equity and cultivate a culture where ANY student is prepared to succeed at CPP, by sharing strategies that promote independence, adaptability, and meaningful learning.

We offer one-hour appointments that utilize our innovative approach which blends traditional tutoring with peer-academic coaching. Sure we’re here to go over course concepts and read through your essays, but we're so much more. When you partner with an EOP Learning Success Strategist, you'll develop the necessary skills and strategies for academic success, including: 

  1. Learning
  2. Productivity
  3. Mindset

Additionally, we're hard at work creating an academic skills resource library tailored specifically to you and will release details soon. Lastly, you'll find we have extensive partnerships across our department and throughout CPP, so even if we're not the right place for your specific needs or goals, we can connect you with someone who is. 

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Unlike other learning centers on campus, we exist to exclusively serve EOP students, YOU, so we often know what you need before you need it.

Our focus is never on answers or grades. Instead, we want you to develop the skills and strategies necessary to think critically and learn how to learn so you get the most from your college experience. But, chances are no one has ever shown you how. Think about it, who taught you academic skills like:

  • How to read physics textbooks, understand them, and remember what you read? 
  • Write a college-level essay for an anthropology course?
  • Take history notes that help you, instead of rushing to scribble everything the teacher is saying?
  • How to study for a math final so you don’t feel nervous and actually get the grade you want?

If you’re like most students, us included, no one taught you these things, you likely figured them out on your own in high school. But you’ll quickly find that what worked in the world of review sessions, study guides, and bringing 3x5 cards to tests, those skills don’t always hold up at CPP. 

That’s where we come in. When you stop by EOP Tutorial, you’ll partner with a Learning Success Strategist--who’s one part tutor, one part academic coach--who wants to share everything they’ve learned about being a successful student.

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Congratulations on making the decision to partner with us. We're not quite ready to accept appointments but we anticipate our services will be live by Week 2 (August 31). Until then, please check this website for updates or contact us with any questions at EOPTutorial@cpp.edu

Thanks for your patience!

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