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Career Exploration Resources

We provide students with some great resources about majors and career paths to explore. Many students are in the self-exploration phase as they begin their new journey here at Cal Poly Pomona. During their self-exploration process students will be able to learn more about the career pathways of each major and most importantly what their passions are. Part of the self-exploration process is for them to find out what their aspirations, values, goals, talents, strengths, and interests are. Below you will find resources to assist you during your self-exploration process:

Connecting with the Career Center

Most importantly, check out the Career Center on our campus. It is never too early to visit the Career Center. The Career Center will be able to assist you in identifying your skills and interests to help you explore majors and careers that could potentially be a good fit for you.

Visit the Career Center Website

Connecting with Undeclared Advising

Feel free to make an appointment with an Undeclared Advisor via CPP Connect to discuss what you find:

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