Survivor Advocacy Services

Guiding Principles

SAS acknowledges that every experience is unique. Our focus is meeting individual needs to ensure we are providing appropriate and adequate support for each individual. We pride ourselves in being a support system, which encourages self-determination and informed decisions.

SAS maintains awareness and standard that all people are treated with respect, dignity and equality while remaining attentive to individual experiences and backgrounds.

At SAS, it is our goal to create a trusting relationship with our clients. We remain true to our mission and values in everything that we do.

Understanding the short and long term impact a survivor may experience, SAS is committed to obtaining services and accommodations to meet the unique needs of every survivor.

SAS upholds a person’s right to a private and confidential space within its limitations. SAS follows a Code of Ethics that only breaks confidentiality in the event of any individual harming themselves & other people.

SAS believes that all members of the Cal Poly Pomona community deserve to live a life free from sexual violence, sexual assault, dating/domestic abuse, and stalking. SAS is committed to raising awareness and promoting a nonviolent campus community through preventative education.

SAS is committed to promote a campus culture that values a safe environment where survivors are supported. Through collaboration and partnerships on and off campus, SAS hopes to strengthen and continuous care and service for survivors, their friends, and their family.