Survivor Advocacy Services


Survivor Advocacy Services (SAS) is available to all CPP students, faculty, staff and alumni who have been impacted by sexual violence, which includes sexual assault, intimate partner violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. Individuals meet with a survivor advocate who provides confidential emotional support and a non-judgmental space to discuss any concerns and navigating options with people who are in crisis. We are open during business hours from 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Monday to Friday, and you can also email us at We are here for you!
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Survivor Advocacy Services (SAS) mission is to provide confidential support, prevention education, and promote advocacy for individuals impacted by sexual violence, dating/domestic abuse and stalking in the Cal Poly Pomona community.



Survivor Advocacy Services (SAS) envisions a campus community free of sexual violence, sexual assault, dating/domestic abuse, and stalking. We will lead the way by promoting inclusive healthy relationship and empowering members of the campus community to create a culture that values a safe environment where survivors are supported.