Diversity Champions

Diversity Champions

Each year our Cal Poly Pomona affinity groups recognize individuals who have been a champion for diversity issues or efforts within our campus community at the annual Unity Luncheon.   AdA Diversity Champions are students, staff or faculty who have demonstrated a commitment to increasing disability awareness and to promoting access and equity for individuals with disabilities throughout the Cal Poly Pomona campus community in one or more of the following ways:

  • Has taken a visible role in reducing physical, virtual, or perceived barriers and stigma associated with disability.
  • Has contributed to curriculum development, instruction, or educational programming aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of issues regarding disability.

2018 AdA Diversity Champions

2018 Diversity Champions. On the left is Adam Navarro, Faculty/Staff Diversity Champion. On the right is Cesia Ortiz, Student Diversity Champion
2018 Diversity Champions, Adam Navarro and Cesia Ortiz

AdA Faculty/Staff Diversity Champion:

Adam Navarro, Registrar's/Imaging Office, Staff

Adam Navarro is an active founding member of AdA. He currently serves as AdA Vice President. Adam has a passion for increasing the opportunities for students with disabilities and connecting them with accessible technology. Adam collaborated in the development of the Ability Ally Training Program. He regularly facilitates and guides the student panel portion of the Ability Ally training. Adam was instrumental in the creation of the scripts and recording of student experience videos that can be shown when panelists are not available for the Ability Ally Program. Additionally, Adam assists other staff when they are troubleshooting accessible technology issues. Adam’s dedication and commitment to enhancing the awareness and understanding of those with disabilities on campus embodies the spirit of a Diversity Champion.

AdA Student Diversity Champion:

Cesia Ortiz is pursuing her Teaching Credential, Art Single Subject with expected graduation in June 2019. An avid AdA member, Cesia has a commitment to disability social justice. She has participated in the planning of disability awareness events and is an Ability Ally. Supporting diversity across campus, Cesia also serves on the ASI Educational Enhancement Board and the IT governance, Insntructional Technology Working Group. Cesia embodies AdA’s mission of increasing disability awareness and creating an environment of inclusion across the campus community.

Past Recipients

2017 - Mathew Rondney, a Psychology major and Non-Violence Studies minor (student); Dr. Shayda Kafai - College of Education and Integrated Studies (faculty) 

2016 – Alfredo Cortez Valle, Management and Human Resources major, Psychology minor (student); Dr. Joanne Van Boxtel, College of Education and Integrated Studies (faculty)

2015 - Renee Estephan, Biology (student); Cathy Schmitt Whitaker, Student Health and Counseling Services (staff)

2014 – Doron Feuer, Industrial Engineering (student); Lea Manske, Student Support and Equity Programs (staff)

2013 – Micheal Lemus Diaz, Psychology (student); Debbie Jackley, Student Health Services (staff)

2012 – Paul Brooks, Mechanical Engineering (student); Chad Bowman, ARCHES (staff)

2011 – Kimberly Fuentes, Sociology (student); Dawn Finley, Career Center (staff)

2010 – No Unity Luncheon

2009 – Bronco Athletic Association (student group); Sonia Campos, Athletics Department (staff)