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The Center for Geographic and Information Research provides undergraduate and certificate programs.

Undergraduate Programs

Geography Major with GIS option

The Geography degree program is designed to provide an understanding of humankind’s environments by examining the dynamic, natural, and human systems through which these diverse settings are changed or sustained. Students majoring or minoring in Geography are guided to study the regions of the world from a spatial perspective.

The Geographic Information Systems Option emphasizes the acquisition of technical skills such as air photo interpretation, computer cartography, and geographic information systems.


Conway-Gomez, Dr. Kristen (909) 869-3208
Garver, Dr. Sara (909) 869-3581
Reibel, Dr. Mike (909) 869-3569
Wu, Dr. Lin (909) 869-3578

Civil Engineering Major with Land Surveying Option

One of the key disciplines in the management of the environment is surveying engineering. Surveying engineering is a body of technical knowledge that includes the subjects of Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Map Projections and Geographical Information Systems in addition to the traditional ideas of surveying.

Surveying Engineering provides the technical basis for surveying activity in several areas, such as geodetic and topographic surveys, cadastral and engineering surveys, photogrammetry, digital cartography and geographical information systems.


Jia, Dr. Xudong (909) 869-4312
Abellera, Dr. Lourdes (909) 869-4863

Certificate Program

GIS Certificate Program Instructors

Dr. Mike Reibel Geography & Anthropology
Dr. Kristen Conway-Gomez Geography & Anthropology
Dr. Lin Wu Geography & Anthropology