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Bachelor of Music program (BM)

Pedagogy Option (Music Education Pre-credential)

The Bachelor of Music with an option in Pedagogy (Music Education Pre-credential) is for musicians who want to teach music to others, especially in the public schools. 

This option will satisfy the “Subject Matter Competence” requirement for music teacher credentialing (licensing) in California. California has a long practice of separating the actual credential program and coursework from the Bachelor’s degree, requiring that a Credential Program be a 1-year post-baccalaureate sequence focusing on the development of teaching skills and deepening knowledge of educational psychology and the social and legal obligations of schools. Cal Poly Pomona has such a program, the Single Subject Credential Program, and our faculty advisor works closely with them. To complete the credential, this combined program requires 131 undergraduate units and 36 post-baccalaureate units. The post-baccalaureate units are in the Single Subject Credential Program, administrated by the Department of Education in the College of Education and Integrative Studies. There is a separate application process for the credential program.

For those desiring to work with youth in musical organizations, after school programs, and private schools, as well as preparing for graduate study in music therapy, the Option in Pedagogy (Pre-Credential) is also excellent preparation. 

Many graduates of CPP’s Music Education option and Single Subject Credential are teaching in school districts nearby, and are now often the cooperating teacher mentors for our students in their clinical practice. Over the last 15 years, our graduates who desire to teach (approximately 85%) have gone on to successful teaching in schools across California. The others are pursuing related opportunities, including performing, private teaching, composing, music therapy, and graduate study. 

Click here for FAQ about the Pedagogy Option and teaching music in California schools.

You may also contact our lead faculty with your questions:

Dr. Janine Riveire        JHRIVEIRE@CPP.EDU

Related Full-time Faculty

Dr. Rickey Badua  (brass and woodwinds methods, bands, conducting)

Dr. Jessie Vallejo (world music, mariachi, service learning, strings)

Dr. Susan Ali (voice, voice pedagogy, opera, music theater)

Application and Audition

(for information and schedule, see Auditions)

Direct Application:

Applicants applying directly to the BM in Pedagogy (Pre-credential) must audition on their main instrument/voice to demonstrate their foundational knowledge of music. All styles of music are welcome, and students are encouraged to present what shows them at their best. The course of study will include classical with other traditions and styles as appropriate for each student.

Applicants will be invited for on-campus interviews and auditions. The interview component will help us to know who you are and what you hope to achieve through your education and degree. If an applicant is unable to attend in person, an online interview/audition may be scheduled.

Changing Options into the BM in Pedagogy: 

Cal Poly Pomona music students who enter under another option, such as General Studies, may later transfer into the BM in Pedagogy by completing an audition and interview at the end of a semester.

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