College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Music Minor (Quarters)

I. General Music
World of Music MU 103 4
Music Theory I MU 120 4
II. Specialty Courses
Select two of the following:    
Careers in Music MU 104 4
Intro to Concert Music MU 107 4
Introduction to Music Technology MU 108/108A 4
History of American Pop Music MU 109 4
Jazz and Beyond MU 110 4
Music Theory II MU 121 4
Music Theory III MU 122 4
Listening for Style and Structure MU 218 4
Musics of Mexico MU 311 4
III. Ensembles
Select 4 units from the following:    
Percussion Ensemble MU 343A 1
String Ensemble MU 344A 1
Guitar Ensemble MU 346A 1
World Music Ensembles MU 347A 1
Concert Band MU 352L 1
Symphonic Wind Ensemble MU 353L 1
Jazz Band MU 354L 1
Jazz Combo MU 356A 1
Latin American Ensembles MU 358A 1
MIDI Band MU 359A 1
Concert Choir MU 361L 1
Chamber Singers MU 364L 1
Vocal Jazz Ensemble MU 365L 1
Music Theater Workshop MU 366L 1
Music Theater Production
MU 368L
IV. Music Electives
Select 4 units of lower division music courses and 8 units of upper division music courses in consultation with the music department advisor.
Lower Division Music Classes (4 units):   4
Courses might include, additional courses from II or III above, beginning performance classes, musicianship, studio, performance seminar, etc. (Please check prerequisites for courses in your area of interest.)
Upper Division Music Classes (8 units):   8
Courses might include advanced music industry studies courses, conducting, music theory, advanced music technology courses, etc. (Please check prerequisites for courses in your area of interest.)
Total Units   32