College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences


Cal Poly Pomona Department of Music offers over twenty scholarships. 

For a complete list and eligibility guidelines visit the Bronco Scholarship Application site at

In order to be considered, students must sign up at this site during the sign-up period, roughly during January and February.

Scholarship auditions, if required, are heard as part of the Department's four general auditions (see Auditions).

Current Music Scholarships

Paul Anka Endowed Scholarship

Cahueque/Noll Scholarship

Clarke Memorial Scholarship

Duo Concertante Endowed Scholarship

Ella Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship

Emphasis/Option: Music Ed

Emphasis/Option: Music Industry Studies

Emphasis/Option: Performance

Ensemble: Chamber Singers

Ensemble: Concert Band

Ensemble: Guitar

Ensemble: Jazz Band

Ensemble: Mariachi

Ensemble: MIDI

Ensemble: Music Theatre

Ensemble: Songwriter Showcase Scholarship

Ensemble: Soul

Ensemble: Strings

Ensemble: Wind Ensemble

Eric & Elizabeth Turkel Music Scholarship Endowment

Huff Family Scholarship

Joy Rosenbauer Music Educators Scholarship Endowment

Lindsley Memorial Scholarship

Music Department Recruitment Endowed Scholarship

Music Industry Studies

Music Industry Studies Summer Internships

Music Merit Scholarship

Phillip Browne Scholarship

Recruitment Endowed Scholarship

Service Scholarship

Studio: Voice

Varnasi Endowed Scholarship

The Carol Channing Performing Arts Scholarship Endowment

Studio: Piano